Tabi-Travel | Guide Fees

Guide fees are calculated taking into consideration different aspects of your guide service request, such as 1)time 2)type of activity 3) transportation arrangement 4)meals 5)admission fees to any facility, and so forth.

Tabi-Travel will confirm your guide fees based on the information provided on your request form.

Guide Fees | Payment Methods

You can pay by choosing one of the two methods available. The first option is payment by PAYPAL credit card. You simply need to set up a PAYPAL account and you are ready to go. The second option is payment by cash.

Credit card payment

Please make your credit card payment following the payment terms stated on the PAYPAL invoice Tabi-Travel will send you. Watch the video below for a quick overview of how to register on PAYPAL and how to make your credit card payment. PAYPAL customers don’t have to register.

Cash payment

You can pay by cash giving the money directly to your guide, or to one of Tabi-Travel staff members. We will prepare your receipt beforehand and will give it to you at the time of the payment.